Uthnau aims to empower tribal community to defend themselves and take advantage of modernity.

Alternative Education

Locally based curriculum aimed to develop self-knowledge, self-awareness and practical skills for the future.

Community Health Care

Encourage local people to identify and deal with health problems using locally available medicine.
Health Clinic, Online Medical Consultancy and Referral Service
Continue weekly health clinics in three villages and carry out health check up camps for the children. Also provide online 24x7 free medical consultancy from city based specialist doctors during urgent and critical health crisis that includes assistance to poor villagers in terms of information dissemination and free referral hospital services.

Local Resource Based Job Creation

Training and reclaiming work based knowledge in the areas of organic farming, food processing and local crafts.

Sustainable Energy
We promote alternative energies that sustainable environmental friendly and do not cause destruction of local settlement.

Legal Medical Training
We provide legal and medical information and educate and encourage local people to pursue their legal rights and entitlements.